miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

"Splashes into Glass" Homo Demen

"Splashes into Glass"

Band: [Homo - Demen]
Song: "Splashes into Glass"

Album: System Cubism (2016)

Autor: Diego Sánchez Zamora

Splashes into glass

I would slowly kill you right now.
and watch you bleed out on the floor while I smoke a cigarette.

if you want we can talk about how to do it, so that everything is consensual and nothing is left unlocked.

I would make love before you see your blood running everywhere.
so remember your cheerful and happy face,
radiant as ever, as the princess you always were.

and listen to your last breath,
while the sunlight shines on your pretty face.
and I don´t know if I regret or if I’d do it again.
Seeing how your blood splashes into glass

With my mind gone blank, led by a brotherly instinct of sacred loyalty
I stab you unconsciously as I sew the wounds of my numb heart

I feel that this has to end this way,
but I have no choice, everyone looks at me wrong, but I have to.

I would give her the satisfaction of

knowing  what my last desire was before she joins the rest. 


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