Participan: Jero Ramiro (Saratoga), Jorge Pardo (Pat Metheny. Paco de Lucía), Marcos Izquierdo, Alberto Cereijo (Los Suaves), Luis Cruz (Sinfonity, Topo), Alberto Brazo, Oscar Lopez (7 almas), Luis Romero (Ñu), Pedro Santos, Juamma Preciado y José A. Perera.

martes, 12 de julio de 2016

Strangely and Ruthless, Nuevo vídeo 2016

Strangely and Ruthless

Strangely and ruthless es el segundo "single" extraído del álbum System cubism, 
un inquietante videoclip que no te dejará indiferente.

Strangely and ruthless

Try to feel, and see how far you can reach the end slowly.
I feel you  inside me, trying to destroy me gently.
Try!  Please try!

I'm hearing about me. speak!
and I know for sure that you're here.
Why don’t you  let me think?
you always tell me what I must be

nice to meet you, I want to know your name and why you like to dominate aggressively.

Try to feel until you start seeing visions on the wall of my room.
I feel you, messing my mind strangely and ruthless.

I'd like to kill myself here
I don’t understand what you mean.
why you insist on messing me.

Don’t meddle in my stuff, please.

miércoles, 13 de enero de 2016

Nuevo disco 2016 homo demen system cubism

"System cubism"

"System Cubism" será el nuevo doble cd de homo demen que saldrá a principios de 2016, será publicado por Fish Factory.

Colaboran y participan: Marcos Izquierdo, Juanma Preciado, Alberto Cereijo (Los Suaves), Jero Ramiro (Saratoga), Luis Cruz (Topo, Sinfonity), Alberto Brazo, Oscar Lopez (7 almas), Luis Romero (Ñu), Pedro Santos, José A. Perera y Jorge Pardo (Paco de Lucía, Pat Metheny, Camarón, Chick Corea...).

Portada y tracklist:


Intro 1:09
You make me fly away 7:00
Give me gas 4:39
Into the light 8:30
Misunderstood 4:21
Where is the truth? 4:44
Splashes into glass 4:23
Kill me 3:40
and ruthless 9:10

CD 2

The Lion 
and the butterflies 8:10
From liquid to solid 5: 38
Be your evil 3:40
Yesterday 7:05
Like sunshine 5:56
Let me be myself 4:22
When I wake up 4:52
When my reason leaves 3:33
The end 0:45


 Marcos Izquierdo; Baterías, teclados Hammond y piano.
 Juanma Preciado; Saxos y flautas.
Alberto Cereijo (Los Suaves); Guitarra solista.
Jero Ramiro (Saratoga); Guitarra solista.
Luis Cruz (Topo, Sinfonity);  Guitarra solista.
Alberto Brazo;  Guitarra solista.
Oscar Lopez (7 almas);  Guitarra solista.
Pedro Santos; Guitarra solista.
Luis Romero (Ñu); Guitarra solista,
José A. Perera; Guitarras acústicas.
Jorge Pardo; Flauta solista.